River Road Horse Farm Horses


  Meet Mykka a.k.a. Moo. He is 11 years old and one of few offspring of the great Goffart 369. He started his life out being a driving horse but now is full time dressage. He is loved and owned by Kayda and Lori and Definitely a barn favorite! It is my pleasure to introduce Mykka!


Her name is Sugar. She is a great little paint that started her life out reining and western pleasure. But she now not only is a well rounded horse adding English pleasure and jumping to her resume she trail rides as well! She enjoys trail the most but what horse doesn't. Meet our lovely and sweet sugar bugger!


 Here's the cutest and very good looking pony you will see. He is also for sale right now due to the fact we need some bigger horses for schooling program so if u like what u see give us ring and come see our Fantastic pony peanut!


His is formally a schooling horse of river road and now belongs to our lovely Erika Shoop! Here is Bennett. He started out racing for years and then had a long career as an eventing horse then has made his way to river road horse farm and into the arms of Erika. When I met Bennett and when/if u meet Bennett u know there's something special about him right away. He is an amazing horse that takes care of his rider and a kind eye to prove it, everyone meet Bennett!


Ok  here is Willie. Not only a great schooling horse but my personal favorite. He has a gentle way about him that you realize within moments of jumping on his back. He has stolen the hearts of many children along the way with his quiet manner and smooth canter, here's my William!


Meet Palamar ladies and gents! He is a new addition to our schoolies. His calm disposition and kind eye has won the hearts of many students and ours. He is fabulous at shows, great at home, and loves to go down trail. Meet our beloved Palamar.


Hercules has been at river road horse farm since 2011 and is everyone's big teddy bear. He is the jack of all trades and very consistent at his job. Hercules not only jumps does beginner dressage but also very much loves trail! He has even worked with a couple handicapped children and despite his large size he is always a great companion and a wonderful teacher from beginners and up meet Hercules!!


Here is Keynen. He came all the way from Arizona to Ohio. Originally from California his mother was a wild mustang that was illegally caught and later found herself with a wonderful owner that bred her to a quarter horse. Leaving us with Keynen.  Keynen has become one of our best beginner ponies for all you little boys and girls learning how to ride!!


It's our beloved Paige. She started her life as a race horse and had a long career doing so winning lots of races. Then she had about five babies that would go on to race. After enjoying motherhood she was purchased by a loving family that has blessed us by bringing her to River Road Horse Farm to teach kids how to ride. She's got a big piece of my heart and many other children too, come meet Paige!!


Her name is Maybelleen. She teaches our kids from 5 years old and up. She had a reining show career before coming to River Road Horse Farm and trust me she still loves to spin when u ask it of her. Now she has become one of our most well rounded schooling horses jumping, showing, and still teaching our kids how to be a good cow girl or cow boy. She is a pleasure to teach with and an amazing partner!