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River Road Horse Farm Entrance

The property now known as River Rd. Horse Farm was purchased by Mark Palik in December of 2011.  Since purchasing the farm, Mark has invested in making nonstop improvements to the facilities.  Mark is dedicated to continuing to make improvements that will make the facility better.  One of the most recent improvements was the addition of second indoor arena to the property, giving it a total of 3 riding arenas.   By having 3 arenas available to our boarders, it is easy to find space to work your horse, often having an arena all to yourself. 

River Road Horse Farm Front
River Road Horse Farm Front Field
River Road Horse Farm Front Center

Our staff is friendly and very concerned about giving the best care for your horses.  Our Barn Manager and Operator, Lisa is onsite 6 days a week and is easy to find and readily available to answer your questions.  She also gives lessons and is very knowledgeable about the horses.  The Farm Manager Al lives on the property and is constantly maintaining and making improvements to the farm.  In addition, Al helps the barn duties and checks on and tucks the horses in every night.  Our special caretaker of the horses, Debbie has been working on the farm since the previous ownership. She provides a level of care and concern for the animals higher than you’ll find anywhere.   




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